I'm Sarah, I'm in college with no life plan, I read books sometimes, I drink tea and try to keep up with the tv shows I like but usually I don't have enough time.

I used to be prentisslovesreid. Remember me now?

Quoth Amanda: “Hi, i’m Sarah. i’m in love with basically any show that has a crime theme. i also ship awesome people like Reid and Prentiss. on my blog i basically post whatever i damn please and it’s pretty bitchin. i also usually have 500 papers to write and have trouble not sleeping on fires."

Ducky: Human remains are to be processed in the autopsy garage.
Tony: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say… serial killer?
Ziva: A limb—nice.
Tony: Can I give you a hand? [frowns] These are terrible jokes.

NCIS 7x22 || Borderland

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